Rodney W. Collins (R.W.Coolins) grew up in Frederick, MD and he was inspired to sing because of stories about his late father John W. Collins. As a child, Rodney would always hear people talk about his father singing in groups and how he would perform on stage. He started singing in the children’s choir at Jackson United Methodist Church at the age of 12. Rodney and his 3 siblings would often perform for their mother and family friends in their living room. Those performances would always inspire him to dream about one day performing in front of large crowds. After graduating from high school, he joined the United States Air Force. During his 21 years of military service, he would often sing for enjoyment or perform karaoke as a way to fulfill his childhood dream. In 2011, his dream would come true. He was asked to join the local Las Vegas Gospel Quartet “VICTORIOUS MEN OF PRAISE” as a Lead/Background vocalist. Later that same year he joined "The Smooth FUNKtion" as a Lead/Background vocalist. Still learning the strength and range of his voice, he has the potential of becoming a great singer/performer in time.

In September 2012, Rodney was approached about hosting his own internet radio show. “Speak On It” with R.W.Coolins was created and continues to broadcast to loyal listeners around the globe.